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COVID-19 UPDATE.  Our two store locations are TEMPORARILY closed, BUT we are still accepting Online Print Orders.  You must pay online and select "Ship My Order".  Orders will be printed and shipped once per week, until our stores can reopen for pick up and drop off business.  We appreciate your support.  Stay Safe and Healthy!

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Restore and Rejuvenate your Photos with Ease

Utilizing digital repair and enhancement software, Industrial Color Labs Inc.'s Digital Restoration Service and computer artists can breathe new life into your torn, faded, stained, or scratched photos! Would your picture benefit from retouching versus serious restoration? We can handle that too!

From removing someone from the background or foreground of your photo to adding someone else in, the Industrial Color Labs Inc. digital technicians can create a final image you love.


Count on our experts to fix any embarrassing detail in your photo or to restore damaged photos.

Restoration and retouching

If you have a favorite black and white photo but would like to have a colorized version, bring it into Industrial Color Labs Inc. today! This process can turn an image into a more personalized connection for you.


Digital colorization is the modern equivalent to the hand tinting process and, once completed, your retouched file is burned to a CD for you to keep for future reprints.


Drop off your order and a technician will call you with an estimate of price and time required.

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