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COVID-19 UPDATE: Reopening stores for full Retail Services the first week of June. (face masks required for store entry) FAYETTEVILLE STORE HOURS: TUE-FRI 10AM TO 6PM AND SATURDAYS 10AM TO 3PM, CLOSED SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS. DOWNTOWN STORE: MON -THURS 8:30AM TO 5:00 PM, CLOSED FRIDAY, SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS.

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Take Advantage of Extensive In-Store Services

From digital file and large format inkjet prints to scanning services and passport photos, Industrial Color Labs Inc. features a wide array of printing and recovery options for you! Family owned and operated, we have been serving the CNY area for almost 50 years and our team understands the ins-and-outs of changing technology fields.

Industrial Color Labs Inc. offers high-end inkjet printing using an Epson 9800 with a 9 ink K3 ink system, as well as archival inks and archival papers, for the highest possible inkjet prints.


Our printer is designed to handle up to 44" wide, including 20 x 30" and 24 x 36" prints with ink jet paper. Canvas prints and special occasion large format images are also available.


Pricing: 16 x 20 $32 | 16 x 24 $36 | 20 x 24 $40 | 20 x 30 $50 | 24 x 36 $72 | 30 x 40 $100 | Odd and larger sizes available, call for pricing.

Large format inkjet prints

Exactingly corrected for proper color and density by skilled technicians, your pictures are printed on true photographic paper and will last a lifetime with our Digital File Print services.


Order Prints Online or bring your digital media to either of our locations. Supported formats are JPEG and TIFF.

Get superb quality prints from your digital media

Order digital prints, photo gifts and photo cards from the comfort of your home!

Discover the solutions to all of your printing needs with our experienced team!




Enlist the professionals for quality reprints and enlargements from your slides, negative or digital files! We print on true photographic paper and use Kodak chemicals for all size prints up to 12 inches wide.


Reprints from 35mm or 120mm negatives

We make high quality prints on true photographic paper from your color or B&W 35mm or 120mm negatives. Available sizes include 3 x 5, 4 x 6, and 4 x 5 size prints.


Enlargements from 35mm, 120mm negatives or Digital Files  

Enlargements are printed on true photographic paper and are density and color corrected. Single cut negatives incur a $1.00 handling fee per cut negative. Digital files need to be either JPEG's or TIFF's.



Make prints from 35 mm slides and negatives

Bring in any 35 mm slide, or negative and we can convert it to digital files. No matter if you have one image or 200, we can handle it!


Pricing by quantity: 1 - 9 $2.25 ea. | 10 - 24 $1.75 ea. | 25 - 99 $1.50 ea. | 100 - 499 $1.00 ea. | 500+ $0.75 ea. | CD of scans $3.00 ea.


Shoebox scanning: An affordable way to get lots of pictures into digital form. Original size of photos must be at least 2.5 x 3.5 and not larger than 8x10. Scans are done at 300 dpi at the size of the original and are jpeg only. The files are named numerically.


Flatbed print scanning: High quality scans intended for printing.

Scanning services

For your convenience, Industrial Color Labs Inc. offers passport photo services at both our Fayetteville and Downtown locations. This is a “while you wait” service with no appointment necessary.


Pricing: $13.95 for one set of instant film 2x2 photos | $25.00 for digital / non-U.S. passports

Get passport photos as soon as you need them

Utilize prompt digital photo services from our team and ensure your portraits are completed quickly, easily and professionally. Portrait services are available at both our Fayetteville and Syracuse locations.


No appointment necessary, your candid, business, family or senior portraits are shot digitally and given to you on a CD to take home.

Digital portraits

You can choose from several card styles, as well as add your own personalized message and image, to create a unique greeting card to celebrate any occasion!


All greeting cards are printed in house on true photographic quality paper for the 4x8 style, or on high quality cardstock for the 5x7 style, double sided cards or cards that open.  Cards can be printed from existing templates or can be fully custom.  Photo calendars and Photo Books are also available as a send out service.


Order Photo Cards now!

Photo greeting cards and photo books

Put your favorite image or photograph on almost anything! Just bring your print, slide, negative or digital file into our store and we can send them out to be made into any of the following items and more:

Personalized photo gifts

If you recently discovered a film canister from the last millennium, or you simply haven't had time to get the film developed, bring it into Industrial Color Labs Inc.! This is a send out service for your convenience.


Did you accidentally format your card or delete files you didn’t mean to? Our expert technicians can help recover data from all types of media cards. Bring in your card and your recovered files will be burned to a CD.

Film processing and image recovery

  • Aprons

  • Puzzles

  • T-shirts

  • Mouse pads

  • Coffee mugs

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